Pratavecchie: your holiday village surrounded by Nature


Borgo di Pratavecchie is placed at the beginning of San Rossore’s Park, a natural reserve of 23.000 hectars, extended along 32 km of coasts between Livorno and Viareggio.
Borgo di Pratavecchie boasts an ancient and charming appearance which makes it a real oasis of peace and relax, perfect for resting and enjoying our comfortable private swimming pool.

The buildings, carefully restored, are provided with all the comforts to guarantee an exclusive and restoring holiday.

The advantageous weather, the richness of Mediterranean plants and migrant birds which stay here before restarting their path, the uncontaminated habitat, far from city’s noises, make Borgo di Pratavecchie the perfect place to start an holiday surrounded by Nature.

The Park dictates the rhythms and the constant wind, which blows from the sea, makes the weather always fresh, thanks to the pine forest which separates it from the sand’s hills, as well.
As soon as the guest arrives to the Borgo, he feels immediately comfortable and he starts to take contact with the surrounding nature, feeling himself a part of it.
Children can freely run in the fields and get excited by seeing wild animals moving closer to them or by hearing their noises.

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