Stay safely


we want to share with all the measures we have adopted for the Covid-19 emergency following the OMS guidelines relating to accommodations.


Cleaning and sanitizing
For Pratavecchie, cleaning and sanitizing of common and private areas have always been a fundamental aspect. The spaces are scrupulously sanitized with certified and suitable products according to the surface.

mascherinaUse of the face mask
The use of the face mask is obligatory. Remember to always wear the mask, especially in common areas and in the presence of other guests or staff members.

un metro di distanza tra personeDistancing
Maintain a distance of at least one meter from all staff members and other guests present. Pratavecchie staff will provide a control service to ensure that the minimum distance between guests and staff members is always respected.

gel per le maniHygiene
Remember to wash your hands often and when this is not possible, use disinfectant solution dispensers. In our facility you can find disinfected solution dispensers at the reception and in all common areas.